Saturday, September 24, 2011

5kg gone forever!

Hi all!

I was as excited as a kid at Christmas for Wednesday's weigh in.  I jumped up in the morning, and got on the scales (after a wee of course, just as Mish reminds us!) and I lost another 1.7kg!! That brings my total to 5.4kg.  I felt sooooo good! A small nagging voice in my mind told me that if I had just lost 200 more grams I would have been in a whole different 'decade' of numbers... BUT, I told that voice to shut it and it could just wait until next week and see me smash the numbers!

I was surprised, because I lost momentum with the exercise this week so had a fantastic result. This week has gone similarly with wonderful effort at the beginning of the week and then a lacklustre effort this weekend so far.  But, I'm off to a group training session at the beach tomorrow.  Thanks to the lovely ladies  Perth Crew, I'm heading WAAAYYY out of my comfort zone and I'm gonna do this.  Don't even mind getting up early on a Sunday morning!  

I have just been writing up my menu plan for Week Three (already, can you believe that?)  I had my plans all in place last week but didn't make it to the shop to do all of the shopping and so ended up not following the nutrition plan as I would have liked.  Shall be working on that this week, for sure! 

I haven't had anyone mention my weight loss yet (I've barely seen anyone though - it's happened so quick) but I've just started pulling my jeans up and down, rather than bothering with the button and zip.  I have a large support network though, my hubby and five kids most of all!   I fought with those five kilos for 18 months and they're never coming back now. Wahoooooo!

I am soooo excited by the opportunities that are on offer thanks to 12wbt! I have already met some lovely new friends and I just know that this is something I can do long term.  I'm really wanting to go to the finale in Sydney in December too.  Just not sure if the $$ will stretch that far, especially considering Christmas and our family holiday in January.  But, I may just find a way - at the moment, I feel capable of ANYTHING I set my mind to!

Thanks for stopping by
Shan xx

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