Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wow! Wow, honestly - wow!!!

I can't think of another word at the moment! Have been following the program since Monday (three full days in total...)  I was really naughty right up until Sunday night, had lots of last 'tastes' of my favourite things over the weekend.  Woke up Monday morning, pumped and ready to go.  

Long story short - I weighed in today for Weigh In Wednesday and I had lost 3.7kg since Saturday! WTF?  This is far too easy to be motivated for, Michelle makes it sooooooo easy.  Anyway, must go have a shower now, just wanted to log in and celebrate.

Oh, and I've been mixing the exercise too.  Went for an early morning walk/jog on Monday and took my Dad along to an Aqua class on Monday night.  Did TTT DVD yesterday after work, followed by a 'fun run' with my girls to get the cals up.  Tonight we headed for a family walk to the local supermarket to buy the groceries for next couple of days and topped it off with the cross trainer to get to that magic number.

Loving this whole experience.  I already feel like a new me!! 

See you next time - lighter and lovelier!
Shan xx

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