Thursday, September 8, 2011

I declare the season... OPEN!

I know I just posted, but I don't want to log off - I want to share my excitement about the season being open! 

It opened today with Michelle's tasks!!  A suggested nutrition plan, exercise plan, shopping list and weekly surprise.  The weekly surprise was a fitness test, which is cool because I've already signed up for one with the Perth Crew!  I'll be there at 8am on Sunday morning (eek) ready to write my benchmark scores - I'm not expecting good results but I am preparing myself to be honest and accept how unfit I have gotten.  Then, I'm gonna do something about it!

I went through the exercise plan with a little trepidation!  Michelle is SO thorough that she has links to each and every little exercise so we can be sure we're doing it properly.  I printed out some gym timetables for my local gym so I'll mix it up this week, but I will do it!  I need Plan B too because as a relief teacher, I never really know if I'm working until after about 9am... I sometimes get calls from teachers who have gone in to work and then can't face the day.  So I'll plan for AM exercise, but have a Plan B for each day too.  That way - I have NO excuses!

The nutrition plan is fantastic.  I had no real idea what to expect so now that I have read through everything, I'm even more excited.  Michelle's general plan has approx 900 calories which leaves 300ish for snacks during the day.  That'll be cool for those times when I need a pick me up, or recess time at school... 

As I have a family of 7 and sometimes 8 with my daughter's bf, I need to adjust the recipes - and therefore shopping list - quite a lot.  I worked through all of the suggested menus, took out recipes that I anticipated an "Ewwwww" and substituted them with ones that may receive a "Yummmyyy!".  I'm not complaining by any means, all five of our kids eat vegies with not too much of a problem, they just have different tastes is all.  So, I changed some of the meals, made a "Menu Plan" and the kids were getting SO nosey!! Was funny to watch them peeking over my shoulder as I planned.  They came and shifted through the newly printed recipes too.  "Yum", I heard quite a few times and "Wow, we can even have dessert" (believe it or not, we very rarely have dessert in our house).  I did hear a couple of frightened gasps so those ingredients will be well hidden by clever Mum!! 

I printed Michelle's lists of snacks too - Preferred, Suitable and Low Carb / Accelerator Day Snacks.  This, along with my menu plan, went on my pantry door.  This way, I can choose a snack before I even open my pantry.  Not that there's much in there to tempt me at the moment! 

Anyway, only two sleeps until I do my stats and take my photos - YES, I'm going to take before photos in my undies!! What the?  Never ever ever EVER dreamt I could do this, but bought a new matching bra and knicker set today ready for the photoshoot, haha.  More like the "Hurry up and take the photo so I can put some clothes on before the kids come in" two minute session... Asked hubby tonight to take the photos and he said it was a great idea.  I highly doubt ANYONE will see these photos but they'll be there for me, as proof of how far I've come...  And I don't plan on ever getting back to this point, that's for sure.

Shan x

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