Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Preseason Task One

Hi again.  

I haven't told anyone besides my eldest daughter that I have started this blog... Why?  I'm not really sure, but I think mostly because I want some good reading before I send people here, haha!! 

Don't want them to be bored.

Anyway, I am SO excited about this 12wbt.  I've paid for the program, bought myself a Polar HRM, Michelle's DVDs, her Crunchtime book and cookbook, some new bathroom scales and a couple of good sports bras, ummm... Not sure what else, but I know it's so going to be worth it.

I have worked through the preseason tasks with the excitement of a student (not a bad thing for a chalkie, I guess) and thought I'd share my first preseason task with you.  The first task was to "introduce yourself" in the 12wbt forums... Even this made me nervous, but I did it! 

It was already three weeks ago, but here's what I wrote:

"Hi there… I’m really nervous, but SO excited!! I’m a mum of five from Perth and I work part-time to full-time hours as a relief teacher at the moment. Looking to go back to full-time work next year, now is the time to take control, make some time for me and gain my life back!! Always wanting to set an example for my kids, I realise that I haven’t been lately. I’ve been educating them about a healthy lifestyle but NOT showing them how it’s done! A friend – Sarah Buck – has had massive success and I’ve watched her from afar. Now, I’m ready to be her – and your – teammate. Looking forward to what this brings. So… bring it!!"

Wow, I hadn't reread it and it's so good that I did.  My kids are aware that the program starts next week (mostly they're not real happy about the no cool drink or cordial rule) but they are all REALLY supportive and looking forward to heading out to the park and other stuff.  We may even do some more geocaching which was great fun on Father's Day.

Anyway, there you have it - my completion of Preseason Task One.  I did it, and I'm gonna do this.  As I said more than three weeks ago, BRING IT!

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